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School with Emperor FJI plaque from 1907

Originally, Bosonoh children went to school in Troubsk until 1795, when the Bosonohs built their own school. (Nevertheless, they had to contribute to the repairs of the Troubadour school for many years after that!).

The first teacher and at the same time director of the school in Bosonohy was Jakub Pystor from Drahan from 1796, who taught at the school until 1810. Until 1900, 12 head teachers and sub-teachers took turns at the school, including two women, and in the years 1873-1882 Pankrác Krkoška, later editor of the magazine Rovnost.
Under the director of the school, Julius Zítek, who worked at the school in the years 1901–1923 (and also became the first chronicler of the village from 1923), the school building was rebuilt in the years 1906–1907 by the builder Josef Bouček, when with the addition of the 1st floor, the building became the largest in Barefoot.
In 1965, the school was further reconstructed and modernized, the building underwent a major repair in 1996 and acquired its present form with the roof structure in 2002. The school has more than two hundred years of tradition, has five classes and provides basic education to more than two hundred children.

In the entrance hall there is a plaque with the inscription:
"This building was built at the expense of the municipality of Bosonožské in 1907 during the reign of Emperor and King František Josef I and dedicated to the education of our youth".

After the creation of Czechoslovakia in 1918, the plaque was removed and stored on the school grounds, from where it was taken down in 2002 and placed in its original location.


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