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             Forgotten yearbook at school


Emperor FJI has been to the city at least six times. Many buildings in České Budějovice bore the name of ……Emperor Francis Joseph:

Emperor František Josef railway station officially opened on December 17, 1908

Emperor František Josef's barracks in Žižková street

Emperor Francis Joseph Jubilee Hospital

Emperor František Josef School in New Street

Kaiser Franz Josef Platz between 1915 and 1918

František Josef Česká Budějovice - Pilsen railway from 1868


The emperor had to be informed in writing about the use of the name of Emperor Francis Joseph, and only with his consent was the name ceremonially used.

After 1918, everything was hastily renamed after František Josef, FJI monograms and medallions were removed, but one inscription survived. The years 1848 – 1898 remained at the school in Nová Street, which represent fifty years of the Emperor's reign. Maybe because they were high or because they were and are written in Roman numerals.





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