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Commemorative plaque of Emperor FJI. on the dam



The dam on the Jevišovce river is one of the oldest water reservoirs in Central Europe. It was built in 1894–1897.

Jevišovice (German Jaispitz)[2] is a town in the Znojmo district of the South Moravian Region, 16 km northwest of Znojmo on the Jevišovce river. Over 1 thousand inhabitants live here. The historic core of the city was declared a city monument zone in 1990.

The construction of the dam was started mainly for safety reasons, because the wild river Jevišovka flooded particularly fertile flat lands in its lower reaches, especially in Stošíkovice na luka, during frequent, especially spring floods. They belonged to an influential and wealthy member of the Vienna Reichstag, who is said to have pushed for the construction of a valley dam on Jevišovce in Vienna. At the originally designed site, where the pond (brewery) used to be, after a re-survey of the foundations, it was determined that it was not possible to build at the designed depth, because the foundations would not stand on solid growing rock, but on diluvial alluvium. Therefore, the construction of the dam was moved 130 meters higher to a narrower part of the valley, where solid rock was already seven meters deep. Filling out the baptismal certificate began in March 1894, when construction began. Its final confirmation was on October 30, 1897, when the foundation stone was laid. This happened in the presence of the regional council, many deputies, state and regional officials and a large number of the surrounding population, according to contemporary materials. Augustin Doležal became the first administrator of the dam (dam) who worked during its construction as a foreman with a carpentry crew.


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