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        Plaque salvaged at auction


Dolní Poustevna (German: Niedereinsiedel) is a town in the Děčín district, in the western part of the Šluknovské outcrop.

An interesting article appeared in the newspaper on July 12, 2014.
The hermitage auctioned off a commemorative plaque on the website, it disappeared thirty years ago.
The Lower Hermitage in Děčínsk succeeded in obtaining a historical commemorative plaque, which in 1911 was ceremoniously hung on the new waterworks on the Ferdinand hill there. The town hall auctioned off the monument in an online auction as mere scrap.
It was a huge coincidence. One employee of the office noticed on the Internet auction that a commemorative plaque was being auctioned, and as she found out, it was from our town. We immediately thought that we had to get it back, and we signed up for the auction," described the mayor of Dolní Poustevna, Miroslav Jemelka.
A commemorative bronze plaque weighing 22 kilograms was lost from the waterworks 30 years ago. The inscription on it is entirely in German. According to him, the plaque was created to commemorate the establishment of the water supply system by Emperor Francis Joseph I. In addition to the names of the building committee, the names of the then representatives are also on the board.
"Fortunately for us, the auctioneer was only selling it for scrap. He did not realize at all what historical value it might have. Now it belongs to us, it is a piece of history of Dolní Poustevna, and we are very happy that we managed to acquire it," noted Jemelka.
According to Jemelka, a man from the nearby village of Lipová was selling the undamaged plaque at the auction. He claimed he got it at a flea market.

Only a plastic copy will be returned to the waterworks.
"It is preserved and even the original screws and blocks were still on the board, as someone once pulled it out of the wall," said Jemelka.
The more than a hundred-year-old board will not return to the waterworks. The town hall will display it in a permanent exhibition in the Meeting Center, which is located in the recently renovated evangelical church. They hang a plastic copy on the waterworks, which is almost indistinguishable from the original.
"The former water plant is still standing, it is now empty, but still a very interesting concrete building on Hřbitovní street. There will be a copy of the original and a Czech translation next to it. "Nenechavci will probably leave them there," hopes Jemelka.
The mayor did not want to reveal how much the town hall auctioned the historical plaque for. "It's not that important. I can only say that it didn't even cost three thousand crowns," mentioned Jemelka.

Author: Andrea Angermann



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