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                   Memorial stone



Habartice (German: Ebersdorf) is a village in the Liberec region. It is located in the Frýdlant range, about 11 kilometers from the town of Frýdlant, directly on the Czech-Polish border. The nearest railway station is in Černousy. The village has a road connection with Frýdlant via road No. 13, and the road border crossing to Závidovo in Poland is located on it. Závidov and Habartice are immediately adjacent to each other, separated by Kočičí potok.

A new series about the history of our village ………“A walk through Habartice and its surroundings” from the memories of August Krause from the 1930s … literally translated by Günter Krause, the written material was documented by Mr. M. Horyna from Habartice no. 123 and the photos are from the archive of Mr. Ing. R. Jelínek.

We entered a larger plot of land (on which the original gymnasium is still located today, but nearby also the attached building of the ZŠ and Kindergarten in 1968), a well-kept gymnasium and play area, for the Habartice gymnasium. In the eastern corner of the 100x80 m platform, a bronze plate with a relief of Friedrich Ludwig Jahn (formerly the "Emperor's Jubilee Stone" near the gymnasium from 1908) is placed on the stone.
In 1910-1911, a spacious hall with No. 198 (today the local name of the falconry) with a stage and ancillary areas was built in the southwestern part of the platform.

Its hall has dimensions of 20 x 15 m, with gym and play equipment in sufficient quantity, placed under the stage and a vaulted ceiling. The stage itself is 9m wide, 7m deep and 5m high.


Drbna Bulovka 11/2011



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