Muzeum Františka Josefa I.

Muzeum Františka Josefa I.

Bývalé dělostřelecké kasárny v Terezíně

Otevřeno úterý - neděle od 10.00 do 16.00

Mimořádně rozsáhlá sbírka přístupná veřejnosti

Franz Joseph I. Museum

Franz Joseph I. Museum

Geöffnet Dienstag bis Sonntag 10.00 - 16.00

Sie werden eine aussergewöhnliche Sammlung sehen

Museum of franz Joseph I.

Museum of franz Joseph I.

Building of a former artillery barracks in Terezin

Opening hours: Tuesday - Sunday from 10.00 to 16.00

You will see an extraordinary collection

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Na tel. 728 615 356 je možno si domluvit prohlídku musea i v tomto čase - pan Holeček .Video z musea - Stránky MUSEA //// Jsou otevřeny prodejní stránky se zajímavými exponáty. Museum Terezín je realita .



Dear fans and admirers of Franz Joseph I, welcome to our new globally unique website. It will for sure hold your interests with the capacity and its wide range.

We started a new dimension in internet communication and transmission of simple information, but also, we offer you the same real joy as in the real museum.

There are about 23 000 pictures and photographs (10 000 items) ready to be seen on this website, which are owned by The First Internet Museum of Franz Joseph I, Wilhelm II and the World War One. This museum is open and based on the future possible cooperation of you, the historiographers, the collectors and the interested people.

The purpose and the mission of this project is, the first and foremost, the attempt to correct the biased view of the ruling period of Franz Joseph I. Another aim is to show you the true historical story without any distortions from previous regimes and the resurrection of already forgotten handicrafts and the virtues that came from the time and work of this emperor.

Of course, the discussion about Franz Joseph I can’t be finished just on one page. The unleashing of World War One was truly unacceptable act of Franz Joseph I although it had its reasons. But the numbers of dead warriors and other victims were too great.

More and more historical information will appear here on this website and we hope that they will tell you, without any distortions, more about the facts of that time.

You can find more information in the Website Mission.

Web is still under construction. Lot of people are still working on our museum and day by day are moving this project to the top. If you have the same statement - work with us. We are waiting for your suggestions to improve this sites.

We purchasethingsfromyourelated tothe contentsof the museum-savevalues​​forfutureages.