Andělka in the Frýdlant region

Andělka in the Frýdlant region

Memorial stone FJI emperor from 1908

Andělka (Engelsdorf) is a village belonging to the village Višňová in the district of Liberec. It is located about 4 km northwest of cherry. It lies less than a kilometer from the Polish border.

Search memorial stone emperor FJI in Andělce I found on operated by Mr. Ing. Rostislav Jelinek. He was so kind and gave me consent to the use of unique greeting cards at his website. Detail memorial Kamani is a cutout of a postcard Gruss aus Engelsdorf and B.

For more information about this monument to me, Mr G. Krause from Frýdlant to me very willingly sent in paragraph translation from newspapers Friedländer Heimatbrief:

"August 30, 1908 and December 2, 1908 a memorial stone was unveiled and dedicated owner of the tavern Zum Lohnberg Wilhelm Kretschmer from No. 88 about the fate of Memorial Kamani know nothing"

In the quest for the memorial stone in Andělce occurred in July 2015k major break. During the event Černousy described in the works of Černousy I got news of husbands Morozov Andělky. Coincidentally, I was planning a trip in July 2015 after the Frýdlant region, so I arranged a visit with family in Morozovových Andělce. Even before that, I sent them a photo memorial stone. Enlarged photo memorial stone is visible part of the house with two chimneys. Ms Morozov according to these two chimneys clearly identify the place where stood the memorial stone. Two chimneys has Andělce only house standing behind the bus stop adjacent to the house just Morozovových spouses.

So in layman dare say that a memorial stone emperor FJI stood in Andělce just at the bus stop today. Beech hefty stop for him certainly remembers.