Concentration camps, prisons, RAD and other ... WWII

Correspondence is shown for collecting purposes - as a comparative materialenvelopes, stamps and forms. If someone touches that are displayed letters after theirrelatives or friends .... We apologize in advance. The materials were displayed in good faith and without profit.

The collection is represented by several special units with unique korespondece of us.

Many of the correspondence is very dramatic in terms of content and intimidating - showing the former terror of his victims, and disability. Therefore, never forget thosetimes and give a momentary sense of honor and after years of concentration camp victims.

One unit includes our intelligence, which was taken hostage (without anything takenagainst the regime). They only time to write home ... I live ... a handwritten signature.

Another special unit of the Waldheim prison in Sachsen. The Czech philatelic marketunknown prison. Special is as preserving the accompanying list of conditions forwriting letters .... versions in Czech and German.