Mexican emperor Maxmillian

Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian Joseph - Lorraine was born on the 6th of June in 1832 to Archduke Franz Karl and Frederic Sophie of Bavaria, as the second son.

Maximilian was a lover of the Navy, and thanks to his skills progressed rapidly in the command ranks. He was very dedicated to their responsibilities and he had much modernized the Austria Maritime. On his first trip abroad, Max falled deeply in love with the Brazilian princess Marie Amalie. Marriage would be no obstacle, she had among their ancestors the Empress Josephine and the House of Wittelsbach, but she was very weak and in twenty-two years she succumbed to pulmonary tuberculosis.

On the 27th of June in 1857 Maximilian married with Charlotte, daughter of Belgian King Leopold. The wedding took place in the Belgian capital - Brussels. Archduchess Sophie liked a young and engaging Charlotte, and regretted that Charlotte did not become Empress of Austria. The young couple lived for two years in Milan, where they acted as the Austrian regents. Maximilian lost the position of governor in northern Italy in 1859, he was apparently too liberal. Maximilian and his wife went to live in Trieste, where he built the castle of Miramare. After the war, the Piedmont, in which Austria lost with the Emperor Franz Joseph I. in the forefront as a leader, to talk about Maximilian as emperor of the more appropriate. Emperor Napoleon proposed that Venice became a free state under the rule of Archduke Maximilian and the peace conference in Zurich, asked the Belgian King Leopold for his son-in-the same, but they received only negative responses.

Palace Miramare in the Adriatic Sea was luxurious, but for the Charlotte and Maximilian boring, both wanted the responsibility and power. Max knew that his jealous brother are no longer valuable space offered.

By that time, Mexico ran a civil war that led to the occupation by French troops. To prevent the rise of Mexico's large outstanding debt to France. Napoleon intended to establish in the Mexican territory of the empire, which would be under the protection of France and would guarantee the security of pervasive French troops.

Despite all the resistance is related to Charlotte Maximilian decided to accept the offered the Mexican crown. Maximilian's mother Sophia to this plan, strongly disagreed, knowing that it is very uncertain and dangerous. King Leopold had the same opinion, and urged his son-in to the Council adopted Greek crown, which is released in 1862 by overthrowing the unpopular and childless King Otto. Maximilian, supported by his wife, often negotiated with Mexican and French delegates. The negotiations lasted for two years until 1864 to accept the offer.

London and Austria made it clear that Maximilian might just luck, but I do not. Charlotte's grandmother in parting Maximilian said it could not have come about otherwise, before his murder. Last visit to Vienna was the greatest test for Max, sad faces of his relatives and insistence, and let the adoption of the Mexican crown twice before. The biggest surprise was the declaration of renunciation of all privileges and rights to succession and inheritance in Austria. Emperor Franz Joseph was adamant in this regard, and if Max did not sign, the emperor gave him permission to leave. Later, both brothers negotiate better conditions for the case that Maximilian was overthrown from the throne and 9 April 1864 family agreement was signed in the palace of Miramare. They were both pretty sad and probably suspected that we will never meet.

Maximilian In Mexico, he chose Mexico City as the seat of Chapultepec Castle and became his residence, introduced him in the same court manners, they were in Vienna at the Hofburg. The imperial couple had no children, therefore, have adopted Augustin de Iturbide y Green and his cousin Salvador de Iturbide y de Marzano, two grandsons, executed by the first Emperor Augustin de Itubide.

Despite a large deployment of the new Mexican emperor and his wife Carlotta, who had put the name of New Mexico, did not receive a European couple in Mexico, not popularity. The Mexican people, scandalized many Black Law, which was all Mexicans loyal Republican leader Benito Juárez shoot. The period of this black law was executed in twenty thousand people.

The threat of Maximilian was deposed from the throne in 1866 evident abroad. Empress Carlota went to Europe to seek help. She was in Paris, Vienna and Rome from Pope Pius IX., All unsuccessful. Napoleon III. from Mexico withdrew its troops and left Maximilian to his fate. Republicans Juarez executives quickly came to power, the emperor was captured, and above all clear that it wants to execute. Juarez neobměkčili prayers nor the Prussian King Wilhelm, president of General Garibaldi, or the United States Johansonna. Franz Joseph I with the hope that the rebel prisoners sent back to Europe, had to restore all rights Maximilian and Juarez have offered a ransom.

The death sentence was executed 19th června 1867th Max last wish was to hear the song La Paloma, and more than a faded - firing shot his most loyal generals Miguel Miramóra and Thomas have. Maximilian's body transported back to Vienna on the same ship Novara, which had come to Mexico. Mexican emperor Maximilian Habsburg buried in the crypt of the Capuchin church. Carlota, the mental breakdown and has lived in isolation in the Adriatic Sea and later the Belgian chateau Bouchout, where the 19th died July 1927.