Payment voucher


Paying bills - was used to deliver cash from theto the Office Cheques in Prague .


Are represented by these cities and villages: Cetoraz, Krušovice Studénka HrochůvTýnec, Svijanov Podolí, Bolehoš, Božejov, Šťáhlavy, Zabokliky, Bouzov, Brankovice,Lower Cerekev, Katowice, Krouna, Pavlovice in Prerov, Terešov, Zliv, Střítež,Tupadly-Potěhy, Birch Mountain, audience in Moravia, Lower Krupá by German BrodKamberk, Kostelec na Hane, Chyňava, Nížkov, Mukařov, Temelin, in the New GreatPetrovice Bydžov Troubelice.

These are the documents which should be officially destroyed after a period ofcompulsory . Documents obscure and extraordinary. The current philatelicauctions absent.

This unit is an extraordinary occurrence of rare stamps and small communities ..... RR!