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On these websites, we have prepared approximately 35,000 images (14,000 objects), I estimate approximately 45,000 web pages - so we apologize in advance if something does not work according to professional descriptions. The Museum is open and based on the future possible cooperation of us collectors, historians and like-minded people.  

How was it in Terezín

Museum exhibition in Terezín in 2016, 2017

Currently, the museum is looking for free spaces for the location of this collection

Sale of museum surplus

Elisabeth's death card
1600,- Kč
Portraits of Elisabeth - from youth to death
1600,- Kč
Portraits of Elisabeth - from youth to death
1400,- Kč
Unveiling of the Elisabeth-Franz Josef I monument (it is on the left by the statue) / Salzburg 1901
1800,- Kč

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